LeWeb'13 London

Leaders of the Sharing Economy converge on London: Airbnb, Etsy, Yelp, Zipcar and...Burning Man

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The program of LeWeb'13 London focused on the New Sharing Economy with thought leaders and key players shaping the sharing movement: Airbnb, ETSY, ZipCar, TaskRabbit, LendingClub and so many more.
This movement represents a major economic, social and cultural shift and is redefining the ways goods and services are exchanged, valued and created.  We explored the economics of the sharing economy movement and why it might mean the end of consumerism, as we know it. We also featured a number of totally new players who launched at LeWeb London, such as Lily Cole, Chris Chabot and Julien Smith.
The sharing economy is entirely based on new communities forming with new values and LeWeb London brought the most breakthrough communities to the stage: Burning Man gathers 50,000 people in the desert with no money and no marketing allowed, while Summit acquired a mountain in Utah to host their own community.
We saw amazing demos from some great companies and had in-depth discussions about funding and the financial sector in the New Sharing Economy. For established industries, the sharing marketplace – with rapidly shifting social, cultural and technological disruptions – is forcing them to respond too. There is no doubt that its reach is vast.
All LeWeb'13 London sessions are now available on our Youtube channel.

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LeWeb London 2013

The Sharing Economy
LeWeb London's theme explained by Loic Le Meur