Startup Competition





Congratulations to the 3 winners of the LeWeb'13 London Startup Competition!

#1  Pricing Assistant was chosen as the first place winner

#2  Genetrainer took second place

#3  MyPermissions took third place

Thanks to all of the startups who competed in the Startup Competition and to everyone who shared and supported their favorite startups online.


Startup Description

Cozy Cloud (France)

Soon, personal cloud servers will be as widely used as smartphones are today. They will become our digital centre of gravity, federating all of our connected devices.
Cozy wants to be the personal cloud for everyone, a digital assistant you trust because you have real control over your data.

Cozy brings together data from every applications in a single place, safely enabling unprecedented personal mash-ups that empower people taking smarter decisions. Virtually any web applications can run on your Cozy, making it, a marketplace based alternative to SaaS web services.

Crypho lets you securely transfer files, edit documents and chat confidentially, within teams or between companies.
Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer. Since only the members hold the encryption keys, no-one else can access the data, not even us.

Foodzai is a peer-to-peer community that allows you to easily connect with awesome home chefs in your city, discover their culinary specialties and order extraordinary food.

The Restaurant industry hasn’t changed in decades and the best food in the world is not always in restaurant menus. People are tired of impersonal restaurants and mediocre food. They are looking for deeper social experiences around food. Well, look no further. Foodzai is here to change that.

Foodzai connects you with a hand-picked community of talented home chefs who can make any tasty option happen with a click.

Genetrainer is the world’s first fully automated, genetically-guided fitness product. The system provides you with personalised training plans, exercises and advice derived from your own DNA, giving you a faster and more measurable way of achieving your individual training goals.

Heart rate, sleep and weight can all be tracked, so you can monitor your progress and fitness in real time. Your training plan and advice automatically synchronises with your body condition and current fitness level.

Genetrainer is compatible with a range of popular commercial genetic tests. Simply select your fitness goals and your results and plan are available in minutes.

Good Night Lamp
The Good Night Lamp is a family of internet-connected lamps. Switch a Big Lamp on and a network of Little Lamps around the world is switched on too, letting your loved ones know you're ready for that Skype call, you've come home safe or you're off to bed.

MyPermissions is a suite of security tools for protecting personal privacy online. It  monitors all applications across social networking sites and in the cloud, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Dropbox and more, and  gives users control over the data that apps are able to access. MyPermissions protects users from unknowingly sharing photos, documents, locations, contacts, emails, or any other sensitive information, and allows them to approve or revoke what apps access their data, and how. It offers a free mobile app for iOS and Android, and a Chrome plugin that gives users real-time alerts whenever a new application connects.

(UK & France)
Oocasting is a mobile and web collaborative casting app that allows photographers and
their peers to work together in a dedicated shared environment.
Scouting and casting are time consuming parts of the creative process. Oocasting
completely streamlines these activities. Shoot with your Iphone or cast on the
web. Share your casting with your guests, open up the images for comments and start
the discussion

The prevalence of cardiovascular disease is expected to increase 137 percent between 1990 and 2020 for those living in low- and middle- income countries …” ScienceDaily (Oct. 9, 2009)

Pace4Life is a Non Profit Organisation that addresses this by reusing “previously loved” pacemakers in the developing world for impoverished individuals.

Pricing Assistant
Pricing Assistant is a service that optimizes the pricing of online stores

ShakeChat is a simple, safe and fun way to make new friends. Casual and easy, just like that: shake your smartphone to browse profiles, tap on "LIKE" if you are interested in someone and if they like you back, you can start chatting with text and pics.

ShakeChat profiles are simple and informative: name, brief description and pics...with a boost, thanks to our great photo filters.

ShakeChat is free to download; you can unlock premium features to enhance your experience via in app purchase or simply telling your friends about ShakeChat.

Studemia is where students go to share resources and collaborate in projects. Choose your current courses and we'll provide you with valuable tools for creating and working in projects, organizing notes, sharing resources and keeping up with other students in your courses. It's an improved and effective way of organizing and sharing your studies.

With inspiration from personal experiences and leading project management services, Studemia is the first of it's kind - specifically tailored for students. Academic Management is finally here!"

theThings IO (Spain)

In 2015 there will be more than 25 billion objects connected to the Internet. From our household light bulbs and washing machines to our cars, all of the devices in our daily lives will be connected to the Internet.

theThings.IO is the new Internet of Things social network. With theThings.IO, users will be able to manage all of their Internet of Things devices efficiently and with an homogeneous experience. Can you imagine being able to reprogram your washing machine with a special program just for a specific brand of clothing? Can you imagine being able to know when your object has broken and get a message for free repair service from the manufacturer?

TIMEREPUBLIK is a global online marketplace where services exchanged are valued in fungible units of time rather than money. Users offer their skills to other community members and earn credit based on time spent performing the offered services. That credit is then used to "buy" a different service at a future moment from any other member.

Example: Gain 2 hours credit by consulting someone on web design, then “spend” 1 on someone to translate my presentation, and the other to get event planning help.

TIMEREPUBLIK connects innovative, engaged citizens with high quality services in a market that matches their values.

Toogethr is keen to make people’s mobility affordable, accessible and sustainable. The Toogethr mobile app brings social mobility into the hands of millions of travelers. By untapping the (economic) value of empty cars seats, a community based on mutual trust is created and transactions between users are enabled. In contrast to existing carpooling and ridesharing marketplaces, Toogethr takes a social angle with groups. This enables the community to find rides with kindred spirits, going to the same music festival, kite-surfing spot or company location.

Toogethr also brings its value to any website, Facebook page or other web-service through integration with an open API and widgets. Yes, we share.

On LeWeb’13 London, a product announcement will be made to bring carpooling as a relevant travel option for daily usage.


VineUp is revolutionizing entry-level recruiting to help recent graduates find employment.

50% of jobs landed today are through introductions. Upon graduation, many graduates have very small professional networks compared to other professionals, who in many cases are still competing for the same jobs.

We provide smart online communities to help Universities leverage their alumni network as a leading source of employment, internship and mentoring opportunities for both their students and graduates alike, while our technology makes losing touch with their graduates a thing of the past.

Shortly we’ll be inviting select companies to VineUp for entry-level recruiting opportunities.

We can be heroes
Have a big dream? Take a share in it, and cross it off your list! is the first "co-dreaming" platform in the world, allowing its users to fund and execute billionaire-exclusive dreams such as buying an Island, owning an 18th Century Sailing ship, or saving a french Castle in ruins. Each dream is divided into equal shares that can be purchased by « co-dreamers » around the World. The platform is envisionned as the next step in crowdfunding : giving its users the ability to fulfill personal aspirations they never thought they could afford.





LeWeb continues its proud tradition of bringing the very best global startups together in its Startup Competition  for the London event on June 5 & 6, 2013.  We are looking for the most exciting and innovative startups, of course if your company or your product is in the "New Sharing Economy" space (London'13 theme) this will be even better.

Semi-finalists will receive 2 tickets to LeWeb and an invitation to relax and demo their products in the Startup Competition Lounge. 

Eligible startups:

  • Have less than €1.5M (US$2M) of investment
  • Address either consumer or business users
  • Have a major announcement at LeWeb'13 London

The competition timeline:

  • April 15 (midnight PST): Application deadline
  • May 5: Semi-finalists notified
  • June 5 & 6, 2013: Startup Competition
  • Top 3 Pitches present on the Plenary Stage: June 6th, 2013, followed by the competition award ceremony.

The LeWeb London 2013 Startup Competition is produced in partnership with Guidewire Group, Inc. Applicants must provide basic company profile and funding information, product description, and link to an online video or slide presentation pitching the business and product.  Applicants must also complete the G/SCORE™ self-assessment on the Guidewire Fusion site.  All applicants will have on-going, free access to Guidewire Fusion, where their company profile can be discovered by investors, corporate partner and innovation practices, and M&A executives.

For questions and support, please consult our FAQ. To view your application, visit


The LeWeb'13 London Startup Competition will start June 5, 2013

ELIGIBILITY RULES:  ENTRY IS FREE. You need not be a customer of LeWeb or any of its partners or sponsors.  Applications must be completed on or before 11:59pm PST on April 15 to be considered. Applicants may be required to provide additional information, including a video and/or slide presentation, during the semi-finalist and finalist selection stages. Community online voting may be used determine competition semi-finalists and finalists. Applicants must have less than €1.5M (US$2M) of investment from any and all sources (including, but not limited to, friends & family, angel investors, institutional VCs, government grants).  Applicants may be asked to provide unaudited financial statements disclosing sources of funding.  Finalists may be video recorded during the conference and and finalists agree that the video may be used in conjunction with the conference promotion before, during, and after the event, and understand that conference attendees may be invited to vote on the videos during the conference. Finalists will receive two complimentary tickets to LeWeb London 2013 as well as access to the Startup Competition Lounge to demonstrate their product during LeWeb London 2013.