Marieke Hart


In March 2012 Marieke Hart accidently founded It started in her own backyard in Utrecht (the Netherlands), where she could smell the delicious scents coming from her neighbors kitchen. She never imagined that within a year, apart from her own neighbor, over 5.000 enthusiastic homecooks would start cooking for their fellow citizens. Now Shareyourmeal has grown out to be the biggest community on sharing food in the world. In the Netherlands alone over 70.000 meals have been shared so far.

Social entrepreneur Marieke Hart is passionate about the power of sharing, and loves to tell the world about it. Sharing equals caring. Her main focus is on bringing people closer together in innovative ways. Creating shared value from local relationships.

Prior to Shareyourmeal Marieke worked as advisor on global citizenship. Stimulating people to contribute to a more just and sustainable world. Her experience includes training, lecturing, action research, and she has written several publications on the interaction between local and global communities. Marieke, mother of 2, holds a master degree in Social Science from the University of Utrecht.