Ami Shpiro

Innovation Warehouse

Ami Shpiro is serial entrepreneur of diverse experience, with a record of achieving rapid business growth through a combination of financial, commercial and technical skills. Ami began his career as a computer scientist consulting for the Israeli military, an activity which he led through to IPO (NASDAQ: CKSW). Ami has since co-founded and mentored numerous commercial enterprises in a variety of markets, ranging from software systems to property development. In 2009, Ami conceptualised a model for a community of collaborating start-ups, now known as Innovation Warehouse (IW). 

This model has taken shape in the wake of, and in collaboration with, the City of London's economic development and regeneration strategy. More recently, Ami founded IW GROW, an angel collective comprised of a group of London-based entrepreneurs and investors that focuses and operates uniquely within the expanding Innovation Warehouse spaces at Smithfield Market, in London, as well Portsmouth City, and soon also in Oxford.