The Power of Community


There is no success possible in the digital age without understanding the importance of the community. Strongly committed, the community is built on common values and goals that tie each member together. This is probably the hardest part when you launch your project: make your users embrace your vision while defining and shaping it day after day. Loyalty comes from trust and respect.

Founded in 2004, Yelp! has become one of the most famous local business directory services and review sites on the web. With more than 100 million monthly unique visitors, their CEO Jeremy Stoppelman has shaped one of the most trusted resources while creating a new habit. Looking for a restaurant, a dentist or a great music teacher, checking on Yelp! has become a reflex or just built into your iPhone.

Leah Busque, the founder and CEO of TaskRabbit started her startup in 2008, allowing users to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their neighborhood. Many challenges come from involving strangers in our daily lives. But nobody knows better than the TaskRabbit team how to build the new currency of our connected life: trust. The great reward that then entails is a faithful user base. There is nothing more valuable in a world surrounded by choice and distractions.

We also see the emergence of new communities. Some are truly fascinating, embracing the values of the sharing economy mindset: The Summit is one of them. As Wired Magazine describes it, this event is “TED meets Burning Man". The Summit is an annual three days conference gathering entrepreneurs, social business activists and key players of the tech industry in an unconventional context. You can meet people like Gus Van Sant or Barack Obama’s chief technologist officer there. The panel will discuss the ambition of The Summit and the values behind it with the team.

Ingrid Sanders, founder & CEO of the new skills driven community Popexpert will join the conversation around the new communities that will soon be the new norm.