The Pioneers

You know a product is just exploding when everybody around you knows about it, or even better, is already using it. So many of us have already used Airbnb, be it for traveling for work or vacation, or just to connect with strangers who become our “amazing hosts”.

Etsy brings out the potential creator in each of us and helps us connect with amazing artists. It allows us to bypass any intermediaries and create a dedicated and loyal audience. The sharing economy is humanizing these markets that were ready to be disrupted like never before.

Beyond the disruption, the real revolution is illustrated in the new behaviors they have created in our society. Is building a real community the key to the success? Are they creating a whole new market? What can we learn from the new mindset they represent? What kind of experiences do their customers expect? What does the sharing economy and its rise say about the future of exchange?

Come explore these questions with two of the most successful and inspiring actors in this field, Joe Gebbia Co-Founder, Airbnb and Chad Dickerson, CEO, Etsy.