Digital Hippies


Here comes trouble. Who are these “digital hippies’? What are they looking for? What do they expect from corporations and institutions? How do they experience this digital revolution and empowerment? This is a morning that will raise more questions than answers... at least for the moment. The digital hippies represent a new mindset with new expectations. Forget the cliche. They are looking for concrete impact and new interactions, from their entourage to the brands they want to support and identify with. Learn about a way of thinking about the world that could rock yours.

Axelle Tessandier is the founder of Axl Agency and a true believer that the digital shift has created the biggest revolution: not because of the tools, but thanks to new behaviors and expectations. She loves to call this generation the “digital hippies” who is building its identity in this endless connectedness while thinking how to impact the world. She will explain why the digital hippies matter.

John Perry Barlow is a famous thinker, activist, writer and founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, assuring the key mission to defend civil rights in a digital world.

Chris Guillebeau is an American entrepreneur and author who became famous with his inspiring blog “The Art of Non Conformity”. He is also the founder of the annual World Domination Summit in Portland and he is now followed by a community of hundreds of thousands of members. Sharing his personal insights, entrepreneurial lessons and traveling experiences, he represents these new figures embracing the values of a shared world and understood by it.

Larry Harvey is the founder of the most iconic phenomenon on the West Coast. You do not need to live in San Francisco to know about Burning Man, even if this annual indescribable event was founded there. Burning Man, like any truly disruptive and innovative creation represents a life changing moment for many that have had the chance to go. But when they come back, they can barely explain why. It makes Burning Man a unique gathering, where sharing and trust is the rule, outside any economical transactions.  People are looking for meaning. For some, Burning Man is only about that: the real human experience that clarifies and resets all the rest.